Senior / College Audition info.

Create A Resume & Headshot

Brand yourself! List your experiences, accomplishments, and awards. Be sure to have a professional photo you can share when auditioning. Schedule a time with a director for help on a resume and headshots.

Research Campuses
& Departments

All campuses & theaters specialize in something different, make sure you research and match programs that fit your talents and interests.

Prepare Portfolio/ audition pieces

Research requirements and prepare yourself for that audition/ interview. Often times different departments will have different or special requirements.

Apply for FAFSA

DEADLINES are important! If you will be needing financial assistance, complete an application with FAFSA. Check for deadlines by visiting

Email Campuses & Departments

Once you have a list of preferred departments, contact them, making sure to get specific audition/ interview information. Visit the campus and view their productions, introduce yourself to directors and make a professional impression!

Study for SAT/ Placement exams

GRADES ARE IMPORTANT! Getting into the theatre department is just half the battle, you have to meet the campus academic requirements too. Study, study, study, and make sure you take the correct exams.

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