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Klein Forest Theatre Department offers several courses across the different disciplines of theatre. Whether you are interested in the spot light and performance aspect, or the nuts and bolts of productions and technical elements- KF Theatre has a place for you! 

Eagles in a theatre class
Eagles in productions

Theatre Areas of Study

Acting/ Directing

Students have the opportunity to learn the essentials of theatre and performance through rigorous courses, each increasing and transformative. Ultimately, Students gain work ethic, confidence, and collaboration skills aside from theatre history and acting theory. 
Courses available:

  • Theatre I
  • Theatre II
  • Theatre III
  • Theatre Production

Tech/ Design

Students get first hand opportunities to understand and master the technical elements that make a play a performance. Ultimately, Students gain valuable money-making skills in carpentry, sewing, electrical wiring, and production management. 

Courses available:

  • Tech I
  • Tech II
  • Production Tech
  • Advanced Stagecraft

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To join our program, no prerequisites are required and you will find a unique environment regardless of experience.  Come play a part!