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**** If you plan on attending the Texas Thespian Festival in Dallas this fall, please see Mrs. Heath ASAP****


To become an inducted member of the International Thespian Society is an extreme honor. Students must complete “hours” working on productions or departmental needs. Students can earn hours as performers or leading or working on a technical crew, creating the technical aspects of the show. These hours convert into Thespian Points. A student must earn 20 points to become an inducted member of ITS. This represents 200 hours working after school on Drama productions. (There are other ways to earn points. See a director for more information)
At 60 points, Thespian students become Honor Thespians, and earn their letter jacket in Drama. Their membership as Honor Thespians represents at least 600 hours of commitment after school working on productions. Honor Thespians are awarded cords that they wear at graduation.
At 120 and 180 points, students attain recognition as National Honor Thespians and International Honor Thespians, respectively.  The commitment and dedication needed to receive this honor is astounding and should be commended.
Please ask any officer or director if you have any questions about the International Thespian Society!


 Check out your Thespian Points!

Check the blue board after each show. If you think there is a discrepancy or that you are missing hours, please see one of the directors, and make sure to submit your corrections in the following manner in the thespian box outside the office:

Your name, student ID #, the show or event you believe hours need correction. This must be authorized and signed by a director.

If you would like to be updated with your hours during the productions, feel free to contact any of the officers or directors.

Last Updated: 8/6/14




Many Klein Forest Drama graduates have captured the top ten per cent of the class going on to major in Drama in programs across the United States. Students have gone on to major in both Technical Theatre and Dramatic Acting.

Today, Klein Forest graduates are advancing at the University of Houston, Sam Houston and even Ivy League Colleges.



    1. Haley A.
    2. Neil B.
    3. Michelle B.
    4. William C.
    5. George C.
    6. Ariel G.
    7. Steven L.
    8. Ian L.
    9. Khloe L.
    10. Lilian S.
    11. Dejaih S.
    12. Noemi S.
    13. Amaro H.
    14. Emily P.
    15. Lateef B.
    16. Jermaine B.
    17. Maklin P.
    18. Frank A.

Honor Thespians:

    1. Raul A.
    2. Jacob B.
    3. Nataly C.
    4. Bianca C.
    5. Amanda D.
    6. Paige D.
    7. Cailynn J.
    8. Chelsea W.
    9. Darius B.
    10. Sofia P.
    11. Travis P.
    12. Harmony R.
    13. Dang T.
    14. Megan L.
    15. Elizabeth L.
    16. Olga L.
    17. Huen N.
    18. Niko P.
    19. Ephraim T.
    20. Quyen T.


National Honor Thespian:

      1. Jordanne M.
      2. Daniel W.
      3. Travis P.
      4. Dang T.
      5. Harmony R.


International Honor Thespian:

    1. Summer T.





  1. Nia C.
  2. Wesley Z.
  3. Nataly C.
  4. Briana O.
  5. Nora M.
  6. Gabby B.
  7. Darius B.
  8. Rolando C.
  9. Bianca C.
  10. Erin L.
  11. Taylor F.

Graduated Thespians for 2013

  1. Keith G.
  2. Sergio L.
  3. Dymtrasz S.
  4. Austen S.
  5. Amanda D.
  6. Cailynn J.
  7. Jordanne M.
  8. Summer T.
  9. Ashley C.
  10. Deon C.
  11. Paige D.
  12. Brittany F.
  13. Jessica H.
  14. Angelica M.
  15. Jakorey N.
  16. Darrion N.

Graduated Thespians for 2014

  1. Griselda C.
  2. Travis P.
  3. Dang T.
  4. Daniel W.
  5. Amber N.
  6. Sofia P.
  7. Caroline H.